James Gan

SWE II @ PayPal
M.S. Computer Science, Georgia Tech '20
B.A. Economics, Cornell University '18



TravelScout | Qloo, Buzz Angle Music Prizes


TravelScout is a mobile app which uses cultural AI to help users discover new places, venues, artists and events based on the music they like.
Python, Flask, Rest API.

Homeless In Seattle | Google Cloud Platform Prize


Homeless in Seattle is a social project creating data visualizations to
promote social change. Javascript, d3.js, Google Maps API.

STRAT | BlackRock Prize


RoboAdvisor chat bot for risk-based investment suggestions using
BlackRock data. Python, Azure, Aladdin API, Microsoft Bot Framework.

Wakawhitti | Bloomberg Prize


Web app recommendation engine for vacation destinations, based on
relative changes in foreign exchange rates. Python, Django.



Mobile app that allows users to create real contracts for verbal agreements and manages a credit history and score for them. Java, firebase, LUIS, Microsoft Cognitive Services, android.



Web app that allows travellers to book whole travel experiences relevant to their interests at the best price available. Google APIs, JetBlue data, Python.


Hilton Hackathon  

ML System Design to manage big data to determine customer preferences and optimize hospitality personalization. Python, HTML, CSS.



Chain.courses is an open-source Blockchain course which closes the gap between the innovation in the Blockchain industry and the existing educational resources about Blockchain
Gatsby, Gitbook, Blockchain.

The Whale Protocol


The Whale Protocol is a study around how to enact fees on cryptocurrencies to prevent users from using a given cryptocurrency for value or speculation investment, instead using it only for day-to-day transactions.

Tech Lead & Mentor: Deflationary Currency Project


Mentored a team of early career Software Engineers to teach them about Blockchain and Software Engineering. The project I came up with for the mentees was to create a deflationary Cryptocurrency on the Tezos Blockchain. In a month, the team deployed a deflationary Cryptocurrency, wrote a whitepaper, and gave a tech talk on their project.

Bancor Research Paper

CS6466, Cornell Blockchain Course  

Shortened Abstract. We detail how the foundational equations with which Bancor determines reserves and prices is fundamentally flawed. We confirm the existence of price inaccuracies - specifically, price inaccuracies from distributed lag, and missing terms for price volatility and price shocks. Second, we derive an improved pricing formula which will more accurately represent the price of a given token with fewer arbitrage opportunities.
R, Batch Scheduling, REST API

This paper highlighted a vulnerability two months before it was exploited to hack $25m USD from the Bancor exchange.

Bloccelerate Report on Stablecoins


Acknowledged by the authors for contributions to research and discovery for the report on Stablecoins.


MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon  

E-commerce platform operated by a smart contract to foster an engaged community of consumers, donors, and entrepreneurs, with the benefit of facilitating non-financial assets donations to non-profit organizations without payment fees.
Solidity, Javascript.

Smart Ping Pong Paddle | Global Innovation Exchange Project


The Smart Ping Pong Paddle is an IoT device with on-board machine learning to help beginners learn professional table tennis skills without paying expensive rates for tutoring.
Raspberry Pi, Autodesk Fusion 360, Python, C, Javascript, Tensorflow, TF-lite, charts.js, d3.js.



Web scraping application to analyze data from the New York City Department of Education.
Python, BS4, Selenium Webdriver.

Easy Composites


Automated generation of photography composites.
Python, svgwrite.

Does A Risk Premium Exist?

CS3300: Data-Driven Web Apps (Data Visualization)  

Web visualization which shows the mortality rates of various occupations to analyze whether or not dangerous occupations are well compensated, with annotations regarding the OSHA's relevant work.
Javascript, d3.

Camel Chat

CS3110: Functional Programming  

Asynchronous chat messenger application.

LinkedIn View Bot


Software to automate viewing LinkedIn profiles and help boost user's own profile rank.
Python, BS4, Selenium Webdriver.



Online community to discuss religious philosophy - 25,000 active users on website at peak. Now defunct.


Georgia Tech: Graduating soon with a M.S. in Computer Science

December 2020

Specialization in AI :)
Wrapping up the program while working full-time at PayPal
I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is considering it: it is challenging, but worth it!

University of Washington: Left Graduate School

Summer 2019

Still in the GT OMSCS :)
I decided to leave this program after two terms in order to take an internship at PayPal, where I later took a full time offer

Georgia Institute of Technology: Began Graduate School

Spring 2019

Master's of Science in Computer Science
I decided to start the Georgia Tech program concurrently with the UW MSTI program, to help me learn more about Computer Science theory and improve my skills in the knitty-gritty underlying technology skills

University of Washington: Began Graduate School

Fall 2018

UW Master's of Science in Technology Innovation, learning to create IoT devices
The UW MSTI program is essentially a product innovation program offered by University of Washington's Paul Allen School of Computer Science Engineering, Foster School of Business, and HCDE School, all of which are top-ranked in their fields

Cornell University: Graduated with a B.A. in Economics


Major: Economics
3 minors: Computer Science, Information Science, and Asian American Studies
Worked half-time throughout, first organizing events in Florida for a CS education nonprofit, later as a consultant to Microsoft organizing nationwide CS Fairs
Participated in tech clubs, mentoring, campus tours, cultural groups, a fraternity, and Model United Nations

Cornell University: Began Undergrad


Major: Economics
Started to get interested in tech through volunteering, organizing CS education events mostly reaching Title I students

High School Study Abroad: Germany, 1 year


Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship Recipient
Learned German
Lived with host families near Aachen/Köln

High School Study Abroad: France, 1 year


ASSE Scholarship Recipient
Learned French
Lived with a host families near Lille & Geneva

Dual-Enrollment at Bellevue College


Completed ~90 college credits in political science and typical high school topics
Ran Model United Nations club for college
Participated in numerous international collegiate Model United Nations conferences




Software Engineer II
Java Frameworks
Skills: Spring, Reactor, Kafka, Docker, GCP, Splunk

Georgia Tech

Fall 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Course: CS7637 Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence
Graduate teaching assistant answering questions on Piazza,
and helping a group of 50 students with Artificial Intelligence projects
Automated part of the grading process for student code


Summer 2019

Software Engineer Intern
Java Frameworks
Skills: Spring, Reactor, Kafka, Docker, GCP, Splunk

University of Washington, CSE


Graduate Research Assistant
Academic Research with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering expanding an Autodesk Fusion 360 extension API for CAD of advanced tactile maps for the visually impaired.
Automating conversion of OpenStreetMap data into SVGs and 3D geospatial models using Python.



Program Manager, CodeDay
Mentor, CodeLabs
Program Manager, Consultant to Microsoft Philanthropies
Reached 4000+ students with Computer Science education
Got 3000+ students to pursue further Computer Science Studies
>70% of students from URM groups. 50% women, >60% Latinx/Black. >60% Title I students.

Tezos Commons Foundation


Seattle Lead Organizer
Organized multiple tech talk and networking events for the Tezos Commons Foundation in downtown Seattle to network and learn about Blockchain and Tezos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Summer 2017

Technology Innovation Intern
Awarded grants from Entrepreneurship at Cornell and the Breitenbach Innovation Fund to work at an education startup regularly recognized by Forbes.
Designed and implemented automation tool for client acquisition based off company wide design lifecycles.


Summer 2015

Strategy Analyst Intern
Performed market research on competitor firms
Created a comprehensive digital marketing plan and corresponding digital assets